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Max Strom

Max Strom

Max Strom is a global teacher, speaker, and author.

Many of you know him from his inspiring book, A Life Worth Breathing, now published in six languages, and his recent book, There is No APP for Happiness, addressing the challenge of finding meaning in the digital age. Max Strom’s interdisciplinary method, Inner Axis, is a system of field-tested techniques that produce immediate results. It is an innovative method that incorporates mindfulness, breath-work, and breath-based yoga movement to generate personal growth. Because of its success with individuals across the world, Inner Axis is now being adopted by corporations as a sustainable mindfulness program, organizations that want to not only be successful, but be healthy, and to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Among Max’s recent speaking appearances were two TEDx events and a keynote speech on ethics in business at a Fortune 500 Corporation. His articles and interviews have appeared in print, online media, radio, and television around the globe. As an in-demand speaker, Max has presented his method at the Inner Idea Conference, the Happinez Festival in the Netherlands, The Singularity University in the Silicon Valley, as well as many yoga conferences. You can see more of Max Strom’s work on his DVDs, Learn to Breathe, to heal yourself and your relationships, and Max Strom Yoga – Strength, Grace, Healing.

Max is based near Washington, DC.